- Breaking the language barriers. . .

Word Office ® is a company dedicated to the provision of products that breaks the language barriers. Translation Experts Limited and Word Office ® have been developing natural language translation software and dictionaries since 1992.

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Word Translator can help you to: 

  • Learn new words and phrases of a foreign language
  • Compose letters and facsimile that are in a foreign language
  • Write reports and memos in a foreign language
  • Translate documents that have been sent to you in a foreign language
  • Spell check as you type
  • Works with Windows™ 3.x/95/98 or Windows®NT Workstation

GET HELP WITH Word Translator

Are you still using a paper based dictionary when writing letters and documents in a foreign language ?

Well, it is time to stop flipping through the pages of a book. By using Word Translator you can easily and quickly translate both single words and phrases either to or from your own language, inside your own word processor

Increase the profitability of the company
Standardise the language used for translation of technical terms and other company specific terms
Not all words are found in the conventional paper dictionaries (e.g. verb conjugations, neologisms and technical jargon)
Make huge time and money savings both in translation and also even more importantly in everyday use of a foreign language (e.g. English) when writing letters, faxes, emails and talking to people on the telephone.
Help the company to be more competitive with  such an advanced translation technology!

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