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  • Windows™ 3.1x
  • Windows™ 95 / 98
  • Windows®NT
  • Delivered only on CD-R media

Multimedia edition with over 50,000 perfectly recorded words and phrases for American English, British English,German and Polish by native speakers



You can click on the icons on the left side, you will get more information about each feature inside Word Translator 98 for Windows

Over the past years we have learned that most of our customers needed help in writing documents in a foreign language, not just translating incoming text. Therfore, we would like to ask you to please have a look at the "Interactive Spell-Check" mode.

By using the Interactive Spell-Check mode you will not only get a warning each time a word is beeing misspelled, but you will automatically be given access to the Electronical Dictionary each time you have problems finding a translation.

Click here to find out which Language modules that are available. If you like, you may use all the dictionaries inside the same program on your PC.

Click left to download a demo version of Word Translator with the dictionary English - Norwegian - English.

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Description Ver Price Student/School
Single user 1 NOK 1.190 NOK 890
Five users 5 NOK 4.760 NOK 3.090
Ten users 10 NOK 8.925 NOK 5.840

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